Gary’s experience and expertise is a real asset when the chips are on the line.  He uncovered significant basement structural issues for a recent client.  That discovery alone saved my buyer over $40,000 in potential repair costs.  Not only is Gary extremely knowledgeable about all phases of construction, but he also has the fortitude to make the necessary tough calls to protect my buyers’ interest!!  

Joe Steneman – Agent, Noble Home Sale, LLC

Had the inspection with Gary Henry this weekend.  He did a wonderful job.  I plan to have him be my go-to inspector at this point.  Incredibly thorough, diligent, did a wonderful job explaining things in plain English, and was not a drama queen about problems in the home.  I love it when I find someone who meets my expectations.  Great find, Joe.   I appreciate it.   

Nate - Real Estate Broker

I had Mr. Henry inspect an investment property I was prospecting. I could not be more impressed with the inspection he did for us. He knows exactly what to zero in on in terms of costly repairs or maintenance issues. His inspection has made my project go much smoother, as now for the first time,  I have not been surprised with my contractors uncovering issues I was not expecting. Gary's overall knowledge of building, structure and mechanics is priceless.

Sophia- Real Estate Investor

Gary is a true professional among professionals.

Arthur- Catonsville, MD

Angie's List Member Review

Gary Henry and his son, Junior, were prompt and incredibly thorough at my very first home inspection ever. I felt very fortunate to have found Homeshield among the sea of inspection companies in the Baltimore area. They took great care to check and double check everything including water stains, roof, flooring, fuse box, all appliances, you name it. They left no stone unturned. Gary was also very patient with me and explained everything he was doing and finding. The listing agent was very impressed with his skill as well, saying Gary was very knowledgeable and not "alarmist" like many inspectors feel they need to be in order to prove their worth. Gary has years of experience as a contractor, remodeler, appraiser and inspector, so when you're working with him, you're working with someone who truly knows what they're doing. Even after the inspection, he followed up with me on all my questions via email and telephone. He was FAR more helpful than my real estate agent when it came to tips on negotiating with the seller based on the inspection's findings. I will certainly work with Gary in the future and highly recommend him.

Julie - Baltimore , MD